About Us

Welcome to the Buckland Beehive.  A preschool for children from the age of 2 years until they join Foundation class in a Primary School.  We aim to provide a fun environment for your child to naturally learn skills and experiences that will help them in the next stage of their lives.

We hold our sessions in a large village hall where the activities are planned depending on the topic of the term.  We help the children to forge friendships, learn to understand how to share and how to be kind and helpful to others.  We learn about letter and number recognition, colours and shapes, cooking, creating arts & craft as well as extending their physical development all through play, plus much more.  With a lawn area at the front of the hall and an environmental area at the rear of the hall, we have ample space to extend our play into the world outside.

Weather permitting, we take walks around the village, and are able to visit the Garden House, the local park and a local farm all within walking distance.  

In the Summer Term the children that start at St.Andrews Primary School in the September, spend a morning a week in the Reception class to familiarise themselves with their surroundings and the Staff.

We are also lucky enough to be able to use the school pool during the Summer Term, so once a week the preschool children and Staff enjoy a swimming session, which is invaluable and lots of fun.

Feel free to explore the website and find out more about the exciting activities that we get up to at the Beehive

A happy place to Bee!

Stuart the Buckland Beehive bee