We think you are amazing!  Beehive is such a wonderful place and  ........ has loved coming this past year.  I've seen her confidence grow and know she's started making friends with those she will start school with.  Can't thank you enough for all your hard work, kindness and care."                                    July 2019

“Thank you for all the love, care and interest that has been shown to ……. Whilst he has been going to the Beehive.  He is always brimming over with happiness and confidence when I pick him up.  Thank you to you and your wonderful team who have been behind this.  He loves the days he is with you, and I have been so touched and impressed by the effort you all go to , to make them so special.

Thank you”                                             July 2018

"Just want you all to know how brilliant you all are and how lucky we are to have such a great Preschool in the village"                         

                                                Dec 2019

"Thank you so much for helping .......... to shine, grow and learn.  She has loved her time with you all.  The decision to choose the Beehive was absolutely correct!"

                                                       July 2019

"Thank you for the opportunity to review the learning of our son ........, we realise that he has made a huge amount of progress and this is down to the efforts of your team.  We can see that he can trace a picture which is something we will encourage at home.  ..... language has hugely developed over the time that you have had him and we are extremely grateful for your efforts"                                                                                                                July 2018

Village Hall

Modyford Walk

Buckland Monachorum

PL20 7NQ

Buckland Beehive
Jane Beard
Owner / Supervisor

Tel: 0560 3865484

Out of hours: 01822 853634

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